+i want to die;  +kate beckett;  

+this is the cutest thing ever;  +kate beckett;  

S1/S6 : Beckett getting ready for work.

+this makes me soooo happy;  +kate beckett;  


get to know me - [1/5] favorite female characters: Kate Beckett

"Whoever it is you think I am, whatever it is you think you know about me, you have no idea what I’m capable of or how far I will go."

+Kate Beckett;  +my hero;  

kate beckett + up close and personal (season six)

+she's so pretty i'm gonna cry;  +Kate Beckett;  +castle;  

+OH?????;  +heart eyes!!!;  +Kate Beckett;  

Katherine Beckett + hugs.

Katherine Beckett hugs.

+this is officaly my favorite thing;  +Kate Beckett;  

+best ever;  +Kate Beckett;  

+you're so fucking pretty what the hell;  +its prob bc you're really a unicorn;  +Kate Beckett;  

+fangirl beckett is my favorite;  +Kate Beckett;  

make me choose castleramblings​ asked: Beckett/Lanie OR Beckett/Gates

+i need more beckett/lanie time tbh;  +Kate Beckett;  +lanie parish;  

+i can hear her 'damn it' so clearly in my head omfg;  +Kate Beckett;  

+season 2 angel;  +Kate Beckett;  

"It’s wonderful. It’s developed over time. I think that they’ve opened up a lot of layers and colors to the character that I think makes her more true to form. She’s a woman in a position of authority, what’s exciting about that is that this show is not afraid of showing all the colors of a woman in authority. Sometimes she is that authority figure, sometimes she is an avenging angel, sometimes she’s in love, sometimes she’s a big dork. I think that that’s believable and hopefully something that a lot of people can relate to, whether it’s a person that they see themselves as, or it’s a person that they see in their wives, their daughters, their mothers, and so on."

+goodbye im gone;  +Stana Katic;  +i can listen to her talk about beckett all day;  +Kate Beckett;  +my hero;  

+same;  +Kate Beckett;