because we all need a beckett in our dash

because we all need a beckett in our dash

+Kate Beckett;  +:D;  

+ANGEL;  +Kate Beckett;  

+flawless angel;  +Kate Beckett;  


Favourite Kate Beckett outfits of Season 6 (so far)

+yessssssssssssssssss;  +Kate Beckett;  

+BABE;  +Kate Beckett;  

+aw babe;  +kate beckett;  


Kate Beckett + Ring | 6x01/6x04/6x18/6x19

+the next time she wears it should be the wedding;  +:-)))))))));  +Kate Beckett;  

+you're so pretty I rather rip my face off;  +Kate Beckett;  

+:-(;  +no thank you;  +Kate Beckett;  +my hero;  


“I thought this was a really sweet chance for Beckett to take control over something she’s committed herself to, she’s defined herself by. She faces a deep fear, she said - I don’t wanna be…I don’t wanna be defined by this anymore -. And that’s a huge decision, and that’s a big kind of growing step for the character, and also a step for her that brings her closer to a new relationship with Castle” 

(Stana Katic talking about “Kill shot” last scene)

+NOOOOOO NO NO NO;  +Stana Katic;  +kate beckett;  +she slays heart;  

Detective Kate Beckett NYPD Badge No.41319

Detective Kate Beckett NYPD Badge No.41319

+this is pretty oh;  +Kate Beckett;  

+Kate Beckett;  +;);  



If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna kill you. (x)

+Kate Beckett;  +u cutie in your 70s outfit;  +:');  

+after the storm sjnfjksdnfjksdnf;  +Kate Beckett;  +babe;  

+same;  +Kate Beckett;