(1.) Maybe it was a little mean leaving him cuffed and naked there like that. (2.) But that was a lot of sass he gave me about always finding him so irresistible. (3.) Shit - what if Alexis drops by?

+oh my god;  +Kate Beckett;  +Caskett;  +im laughing;  


Caskett + Castle pulling out Beckett’s chair

+this killed me;  +and i cired;  +caskett;  +spoilers;  

+i love how they're wearing the same jackets;  +fucking ass holes;  +caskett;  

I kept thinking about all the times we've kissed

+ugh ugh ugh;  +Caskett;  +idiots;  

+Castle;  +Caskett;  +i hate life;  

+favorite kiss;  +:');  +Caskett;  

+what is this oh my god;  +fucking hate this show so fucking much i stg;  +Castle x Beckett;  +Caskett;  +Otp :Always;  

+bye;  +still get butterflies;  +Caskett;  +otp: Always;  


Castle not following his own advice | Part 2

+best tbh;  +Caskett;  +Castle x Beckett;  +Otp: Always;  

+nope im gone;  +bye;  +Caskett;  


Castle season 6 end scenes.

+oh alright;  +look at the tears on my face;  +bye;  +Caskett;  

1x09 - “Must be fate.”

+oh my god;  +nopE;  +Caskett;  +babies;  +Otp: Always;  

1x09 // 5x02 - Dressing up. (requested by purplewaters).

+babies i cant even;  +Castle;  +Caskett;  +Otp: Always;  

counting up the years → caskett in episode 5 of every season

+seriously?;  +noPE;  +Caskett;  

You’re so hot when you help me solve things.

You’re so hot when you help me solve things.

+christ;  +Caskett;