people who don’t text back straight away annoy me even though i am one of those people


+so stupid;  +and look at you now;  +getting married and shit;  +Castle x Beckett;  


Beckett looking at Castle 

Season 1 vs. Season 6



Stana katic + “out of work” outfit

+flawless idiot;  +Stana Katic;  



+Noooooooo;  +Tessa Virtue;  +Scott Moir;  

+cutest person ever;  +light of my life;  +Stana Katic;  

+shaline woodley;  +you're so so so pretty;  


it’s only been a few hours since they returned from the crime scene at the bridge #but he clings to her still #just as she clings to him #the fright of losing each other over the past few days still overwhelming #still potent and real #and even though he’s home now #and everyone knows he’s innocent #that stab of fear returns at odd moments #makes her blood run cold #makes the hair on the back of his neck stand up #they feel unbalanced and raw and unsure of anything #anything but this #the strength of their arms around each other #the heat of their touch #the softness of their lips locked together #the perfect fit of their bodies #by the time evening swallows up the afternoon light #they’re still in bed #neither needing words to tell the other that this is exactly what they need #to begin to heal themselves #castle #probable cause #hi i’m meg and my imagination runs away from me sometimes (via castleincalifornia)
+im crying omfg;  +i hate tags man;  +Castle x Beckett;  

"Why don´t we just take a minute and write down the names of all the people that absolutely, positively have to be there, no matter what to make us happy?"

+this is possibly the worst thing i have ever seen;  +bye;  +Castle x Beckett;  

caskett au → When Kate gets into an altercation with a suspect, the outcome of her injury is retrograde amnesia - she doesn’t remember her life after 2008. Rick, as a result, is left to deal with the consequences of his wife’s memory while she comes to terms with their life together. 

+JFC MY HEART;  +you cant do this to me;  +Castle x Beckett;  +AU shit;  

+in my head i just hear aint nobody fuckin' with my clique;  



I hope this makes some of you in a better mood. Because I’m feeling quite over the day. But this helps a bit. 

I remember when I saw this for the first time i immediately called my friend & told her we need to buy a duck cause it was the right thing to do . 😂😁


+i need monday man i miss castle so much;  +god help me after the finale;  

+YAS;  +he did this was aleixs in season 4;  +and i just;  

+omfg;  +this is too great;