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Castle | Color Palette. 


+this is pretty as fuck;  +castle x beckett;  +and its blue so heart eyes;  

me when I go anywhere
me: ugh there are people here

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oh hey my first day of work (at Hollister) is on Sunday. 

+im excited and kinda nervous;  +hopefully someone ive met will be there;  +also one of my super good friends got a job at hollister too and im excited;  +Hollister;  +hollister co.;  +work;  +personal;  

+that lady doesnt know how lucky she is;  +like okay;  +Stana Katic;  


because I’ve finished castle and no longer know what to do with my life  »  I

Immature dorks

+bless;  +love you ass holes that ruin my life;  +Castle;  

Throwback thursday  Stana Katic being adorable and fangirling over Mark Hamill during the Batman: Arkham city Panel, San Diego Comic Con 2011.
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Patrick: Well, it turns out that Emma’s gonna eat over at Elizabeth’s and have a sleepover with — with the boys. So I’m on my own.
Sam: Oh. No, you are not on your own, not as long as Danny and I are here. Right, buddy? What do you say I, um, put him to s-l-e-e-p and then we order in and go over our next move? Does that sound good?
Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, it does.

+this was too much for my heart;  +gh;  

+lil princess with your lil bun;  +Kate Beckett;  


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“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”

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Character Profile 1/?   Kate Beckett
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the older u get the funnier spongebob becomes